Dead Swells – “Tiger Stripes” ft. Kelly Morris and Wolfgang Zimmerman (Video)

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    Dead Swells – “Tiger Stripes” ft. Kelly Morris and Wolfgang Zimmerman (Video)
    Published: September 26, 2020

    Dead Swells have just released a new song called “Tiger Stripes”, featuring Kelly Morris of The Mobros and Wolfgang Zimmerman of Rialto Row and it’s an absolute bop. It’s got Kelly singing and playing bass, Paul Nederostek from Dead Swells on guitar, and Wolfgang on drums. It’s one of those songs that feels too short because by the time it’s over you just want to go back and play it again. I love how it blends the surf rock style of Dead Swells with the bluesy style of The Mobros, plus the unmistakable Wolfgang vibe that permeates through everything that he touches. Plus a whole bunch of funk.

    “Tiger Stripes” is a fun, upbeat song that sounds like it was a blast to create, and the video feels like a celebration of that good time. It was filmed by Dries Vandenberg at The Space in downtown Charleston, the recently demolished storage unit recording studio where bands like SUSTO and Brave Baby famously made some of the scene’s most beloved records. It stars Rachel Sartip as the love interest that Kelly sings about, as well as all three gentlemen involved in the making of the music.

    The only thing missing is a bottle of champagne. Although they probably had plenty of that off camera somewhere.

    Watch the video for “Tiger Stripes” by Dead Swells featuring Kelly Morris and Wolfgang Zimmerman below.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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