Daddy’s Beemer – Tangles (Review)

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    Daddy’s Beemer – Tangles (Review)
    Published: May 19, 2023

    Daddy’s Beemer have just released their second full-length album, Tangles. Following up their 2020 full-length debut, Denmark, released hot off the legendary beef between Daddy’s Beemer, Extra Chill, and Nordista Freeze, Tangles represents the band taking a more direct approach to songwriting and recording that gives the whole thing a very organic feel.

    While the album was recorded at the same house in Denmark, SC where they’ve been recording all their music over the past few years, with the same producer (Preston Dunnavant), this one was done mostly live, without too much embellishment. Meaning that it will translate into a similar sound between the album and the live performance.

    We like this straightforward rock sound from Daddy’s Beemer. It allows them to play into their strengths without trying to go overboard. We still have distortion and embellishments, but it’s the kind of fuzz that Dan can recreate on his keys and guitar in the live setting, rather than having a million different layers that would require backing tracks to reproduce live.

    Being that the original trio of Brady Sklar (guitar/vocals), Wesley Heaton (bass/vocals), and Dan Fetterolf (guitar/everything except drums) have been playing music together for nearly a decade now, they know what works well and they’ve focused on that here.

    The young gun (and the fastest runner in the band) Payton Kutyla has also found a place for himself on drums, and after some initial kinks were worked out, Daddy’s Beemer is now tuned up and running stronger than ever, musically.

    Six out of ten tracks on Tangles were released as singles prior to today’s full album release, a bold choice, but it gave us a good overview of how the record would sound while keeping a few strong tracks close to the vest, including the ending duo of “Hot Water” and “Meadowlark”, nor the midpoint, “To a New Start”.

    Personally, my two favorite tracks upon the first few listens are “Studying Roses” and “Avalon”.

    “Studying Roses”, the debut single, was released in advance of Extra Chill Fest last year, and features the kind of buildup that has always been one of my favorite elements in music. It starts with a gentle acoustic guitar and gradually builds to a louder and more rockin’ sound, eventually bursting into jubilation in the final minute.

    “Avalon” is straight-up banger that opens with its foot on the gas and does not let up for the full two minute duration of the song. The vocal hits are accentuated by rising synths and powerful, tight drumming that makes you want to go into the crowd and push somebody.

    Charleston locals will have a chance to enjoy Tangles in the live setting for the first time ever this weekend, as the band will celebrate the album’s release with a two-night stand at their beloved hometown watering hole and venue, The Royal American.

    Friday night they’ll be joined by Aubrey Key and a DJ set from Youth Spells. Saturday brings support from Fleur Geurl and DJ DollaMenu. $10 cover at the door each night, 9pm.

    Listen to Tangles by Daddy’s Beemer below.

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