Daddy’s Beemer Releases Video for “TV Lied to Me”

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    Daddy’s Beemer Releases Video for “TV Lied to Me”
    Published: September 20, 2017

    Jackson Wise from Apricot Blush makes another Daddy’s Beemer music video appearance in the newly-revealed “TV Lied to Me” video. The song is the first track off the band’s self-titled debut EP, which has been in circulation since May and along with their killer live sets has helped the Beems to gain some serious traction in the South Carolina music scene. All signs point to this traction continuing to increase in the future, especially with the Pablo Collective in place as a support system (big event for them happening soon).

    In the “TV Lied to Me” video we see that Wise has moved on from the drugged-out romance featured in “Rain Dance” to a much healthier love affair with a thrifted television. The relationship almost falls apart when the television goes cold on him, turning itself off to his advances and sending him into a state of ice cream-eating desperation. Thankfully for both us and Mr. Wise, his love interest warms back up to him and their relationship returns, better than ever.

    Congratulations to Jackson Wise and his Television on their rekindled love affair, and to Daddy’s Beemer for yet another cool video. Special shoutout to Wesley Heaton for successfully writing and directing a music video that serves as the perfect continuation to the chronicles featured in “Rain Dance”, whether or not it was intentionally done (I’m betting it was). Cheers to many more.

    Daddy’s Beemer has a show coming up in Charleston on October 20th, supporting SondorBlue at their EP release show at the Music Farm. Tickets here. Stream the “TV Lied to Me” video below.

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