Daddy’s Beemer: New Driver, Same Wild Ride

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    Daddy’s Beemer: New Driver, Same Wild Ride
    Published: September 21, 2023

    Daddy’s Beemer at Lofi Brewing. Check out Brady’s Long Arm. Photo by Rachel Branham (@rachel_branham).

    On September 16th, Daddy’s Beemer descended on Lofi Brewing, Charleston’s cozy nest for local jams and cold brews. The night promised an electric atmosphere and a surreal mix of old classics and newer tunes. But something was different—very different.

    The Elephant in the Room

    Bob Magee replaces Dan Fetterolf in Daddy’s Beemer. Photo by Rachel Branham (@rachel_branham).

    First, let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. Dan Fetterolf, the band’s founding member, was missing from the lineup. In his stead stood Bob Magee, the curly-haired wonder from Homemade Haircuts. Any bad blood?

    Nah, Dan’s setting sail to be a Charleston Harbor tour boat captain, mastering the culinary arts, and leveling up to husband mode. He’s still around the music scene and, even though was fired, in his words, “he doesn’t give a f**k,” and that’s refreshing.

    The Show Must Go On

    Photo by Rachel Branham (@rachel_branham).

    Kicking things off with “Indoors,” Bob took stage right, his teardrop-shaped guitar in hand. It’s like he was taunting us—throwing a silent tribute to the absent Dan. I won’t lie; it hit the emotional notes, pulling on heartstrings I forgot I had.

    When news broke about Dan’s exit, it was a tearjerker for many, myself included. Yet the night’s energy told a different tale, one of resurgence and vitality, proving that the show truly must go on.

    Photo by Rachel Branham (@rachel_branham)

    “Dancer,” a crowd favorite, turned the venue into a madhouse of synchronized grooving. Then came their cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon,” a choice that’s safer than an afternoon with Grandma, but they juiced it up like she spiked the lemonade.

    The four-piece also sweetened the deal by dedicating “Ballerina” to Bob. Isn’t that cute? They love him already. And then came “Studying Roses” from their latest album, Tangles. Brady, seemingly pulled from the pages of a teen fanzine, had fans swooning with his dreamy acoustic skills.

    But hold on to your hats and glasses. They ended the night with an electrifying cover of “Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Wesley was so on fire, some brave soul tried to steal his keys while he was pumping out a solo on a subwoofer. Talk about fan engagement.

    Photo by Rachel Branham (@rachel_branham).

    An Extra Chill Exclusive: The Dan Chronicles, Uncut

    Just when you thought the night couldn’t get any more intriguing, Dan Fetterolf himself graced us with his unvarnished presence, lurking in the crowd like a hipster phantom of the opera. When asked for an interview, Dan shrugged, “You can have me say whatever you want, especially now that I’m not even in the band.”

    Dan. Source: Dan’s Instagram, @tiny.daniel

    After nearly a decade of defining indie rock ethos, Dan is free as a bird and ready to express himself with no strings attached. “Look, I’ve sailed off from Daddy’s Beemer, and they’re doing their own thing. It’s like two ships passing in the night. Except my ship has gourmet food and, well, me,” Dan said.

    When questioned about his reaction to the show itself, Dan didn’t mince words. “They’re getting there. They’re still figuring out how to rock without the guy who taught them how to do it in the first place,” he remarked.

    He continued, “Good thing they didn’t try sailing; they’d probably sink the boat.”

    As for future plans? “I’m going to be the most badass tour boat captain Charleston Harbor has ever seen. And while I’m exploring the high seas, I’ll still find time to record some tunes around town. Let’s call it keeping my options open.”

    Dan’s parting shot was perhaps the most memorable. “I’m not out here to make history. I’ve already done that. Now, it’s about setting my own course—no capes, no drama, just a man and his journey.”

    There you have it, folks. Straight from the horse’s mouth, a narrative that’s as versatile as it is audacious. Dan Fetterolf, no longer a Beemer but forever a part of its legacy.

    Final Thoughts

    Photo by Rachel Branham (@rachel_branham).

    Despite a slightly undersold venue and an obvious change in lineup, Daddy’s Beemer and their swift-running drummer Payton Kutyla made the best of it. Bob’s homemade haircut and Daddy’s Beemer’s homegrown talent: Charleston, you witnessed something exceptional.

    So, what’s the takeaway? The Beemer’s not in the shop; it’s just got a new driver. And from the sound of it, this ride’s not winding down, it’s revving up. Buckle up, Charleston.

    Photo by Rachel Branham (@rachel_branham).
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