Daddy’s Beemer – “Ivy” (Video)

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    Daddy’s Beemer – “Ivy” (Video)
    Published: March 4, 2023

    Daddy’s Beemer dropped a new single, “Ivy,” today, along with a music video. The track is the fourth in a series of releases the band recorded with Preston Dunnavant in Denmark, SC and has been putting out ahead of their upcoming album, Tangles, which is slated for release on May 19th.

    Sonically, “Ivy” feels characteristic of a Daddy’s Beemer track – there’s strong, yet slightly dazed guitar, a little hazy, fuzzed-out synth, and a poppy drum beat. Two guitars dance around each other at the start of the song, almost glittering, and Sklar’s vocals begin at a lower register, grounding the dreamier instrumental sounds. 

    “She’s got ivy / There’s no space in between,” he sings, setting up an examination of romantic entanglement and the fears that intimacy inevitably unearths.  

    Sklar’s vocals go into a higher register at the chorus, providing levity and smoothness. Though his voice feels unencumbered, lyrically, apprehension over concept of being close with someone remains in lines like “It’s the idea that anyone could truly see me.”

    The music video, which was shot by Jack Sorokin in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, revolves around scenery that hits playfully and intentionally on the nose: Daddy’s Beemer plays amidst grass and leaves and, you guessed it, ivy.

    The band members sport coordinated neutral colors like they’re about to pose for a beachside family photo shoot, rendering the backdrop an even more dramatic shade of green. The images are verdant and bursting with greenery as they strum guitars with sprigs of ivy tucked under the strings.

    “Ivy” conveys both the sense of abundance that comes with being totally surrounded, whether that be with nature or love, but also examines the anxiety, and the knotted, constricted feeling that such an experience can evoke. 

    Based on the title of their upcoming album, we’re guessing this could be a theme that pervades much of Daddy’s Beemer’s new work. 

    Watch the video for “Ivy” below and, while you’re waiting for the release of Tangles, you can snag tickets to catch Daddy’s Beemer live at the Pour House on April 8th with The High Divers and Jenna Desmond.

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