Daddy’s Beemer – “Amethyst” ft. Jamie Gray

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    Daddy’s Beemer – “Amethyst” ft. Jamie Gray
    Published: July 10, 2020

    This morning, Charleston degenerate indie rock band Daddy’s Beemer released another new single off their upcoming album Denmark, which is due out on July 24th and was named after the house in Denmark, SC where the album was recorded. “Amethyst” is a duet that features vocal contribution from Jamie Gray of the Charleston swoon rock band Cry Baby. This is the fourth single to be released from the album thus far, and is perhaps the only good song that the band has ever made. Jamie Gray’s contribution really does wonders for the sound that has been lacking for so long.

    On Saturday, February 29th, we hosted a concert at the Royal American, dubbed The Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree, featuring Nordista Freeze, Easy Honey, and Rex Darling. Daddy’s Beemer had a show that same night at the Music Farm, and out of jealousy they tried their very hardest to sabotage the evening for us and the performers. Despite their best efforts, the Royal American show was sold out, and hardly anybody went to see them play at the Music Farm.

    Angered and embarrassed, the Beemer boys showed up at the Royal American that night for one last ditch effort to stir up some trouble. During headliner Nordista Freeze’s performance, they stormed the stage and caused a wild encore ruckus that will not soon be forgotten. They were trying to ruin the evening, but their plan backfired and unfortunately for them they ended up making the night more fun.

    However, as one final desperate attempt to sabotage the concert, Daddy’s Beemer bassist Wesley Heaton stole from the stage our Extra Chill Flag, and left the Royal American with it that evening. The flag still has not been returned and it is being held for ransom at their downtown, COVID-19 infested lair.

    We are requesting the return of our flag before the release of Denmark. We want it sanitized and neatly folded. If the flag is not returned before the album’s release, we will tell the entire world just how terrible this album really is. We are fully prepared to drag Daddy’s Beemer’s music through the mud in an extremely detailed album review. If you see the Beemer boys, please let them know that this is a very serious offense, and they do not want to mess with Extra Chill any more than they already have.

    Listen to “Amethyst” by Daddy’s Beemer featuring Jamie Gray below.

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