Cultura Festival Featured DJs: IllaDell, Shamrock, and Scrib

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    Cultura Festival Featured DJs: IllaDell, Shamrock, and Scrib
    Published: May 3, 2023

    Photo and graphics by @blackdaveblackdave / Illustration by @ramonesketch.

    We’ve officially covered all of the performing artists on the Cultura Festival line-up, but what’s a cultural-driven festival, that’s celebrating black creativity in the south, without top-notch DJs and audio engineers to transition the evening and keep the energy flowing into the night?

    Matt Monday and his team chose 3 DJs that definitely fit the bill: DJ Shamrock, DJ IllaDell, and DJ Scrib. All three of which have established strong prominence in the city.

    Photo and graphics by @blackdaveblackdave / Illustration by @ramonesketch.

    Music instructor, content creator, and Chopstars affiliate, DJ Scrib is well known around the Charleston club scene for his versatility in any building and beautiful odes to the art of mixing. He’s taking his extensive amount of experience and teaming up with silent disco curator, DJ Shamrock, to provide an immersive, silent disco, listening experience.

    Celebrity DJ, graphic artist and professional mixer DJ Shamrock is also based from Charleston, SC and consistently spins at XO Hookah Lounge, a premier nightclub in North Charleston. I’m excited to see these two merge and add an additional element to this eventful evening.

    Photo and graphics by @blackdaveblackdave / Illustration by @ramonesketch.

    Also on the list of DJs is DJ IllaDell. IllaDell is a dying breed when it comes to professional mixers in the south because he has mastered and indulges in the lost art of ‘chopped n screwed’ mixes. Born in the streets of Texas, fathered by DJ Screw, chopped and screwed music is a true art form of early experimental mixing in the south.

    The Chopstars and DJ IllaDell are continuing this legacy with style and fluidity. IllaDell has a laundry list of regular mixes, ‘chopped not slopped’ mixes, and accolades that has made his set for Cultura a highly anticipated one for me as a true fan of this art.

    Tap into these #GxldApproved ‘masters of the mix’ as they gear up to add even MORE sauce to The Cultura Festival at The Royal American on May 6th. Tickets here.

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