Cultura Festival Featured Artist: Mike Brown

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    Cultura Festival Featured Artist: Mike Brown
    Published: May 2, 2023

    Photo and graphics by @blackdaveblackdave / Illustration by @ramonesketch

    It’s about that time! The Cultura Festival at The Royal American is less than a week away, so before we get to it, here’s to the final artist of our #GxldApproved Extra Chill Cultura Festival featured artist segment, Mike Brown.

    Singer, songwriter, and entertainer Mike Brown, has been a household name in the local Charleston Music scene for some years now. On top of being a dope artist, he his a strong, colorful presence that adds a bit more light in any room. He’s one of the few independent artists in the city that is keeping true R&B alive with sultry vocals and goosebump rising harmonies and orchestrations.

    It’s rare to come across an artist that still pays homage to the positive, neo soul side of R&B, but can tap in to the sensual aspects of it as well and Mike Brown does it everytime. This is very apparent in his recent album release HER. Beautiful harmonies, choir samples, but most importantly thoughtful and deep songwriting aimed straight at your heart.

    Mike Brown has not only been on the artistry and performance side of Charleston’s music scene, but on the event management and curation side as well, with his weekly Artist Industry Night with z93’s Tay Simone at Blue Note Bistro.

    Create lanes, staying humble, and allowing the light in you to be seen not shown, but when you show it, it’s truly a sight to behold. A #GxldApproved mantra inspired by Mike Brown and what he represents in the Charleston Independent music scene. Look forward to Mike Brown serenading us and taking us into his world….and if he brings his singers with him…BE READY to feel it FOR REAL!

    Check out Mike Brown’s music below and show support to the Cultura Festival movement on May 6th. Tickets here.

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