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    Contour – “Time”
    Published: March 8, 2019

    This morning, Contour released the second single, “Time” off their upcoming album Live on Record. According to the announcement that came last month with the first single, “The Question”, the album will be released sometime this month. Live on Record will be the first album release from Contour to feature a full band in the studio, as opposed to frontman and songwriter Khari Lucas recording by himself. “The Question” gave us our first taste of that full-band Contour sound, and “Time” helps us hone in on the album’s wavelength a little bit more.

    The song kicks in with what’s become a signature Khari move: that deep, grounded bass line. It’s safe to assume at this point that we’ll be hearing more of that bass woven throughout the entire record. “Time” uses the bass, along with the vocals and lyrics, to build tension through the first part of the song. Then, instead of breaking the tension with something big and loud, the band eases out of it with a relaxed instrumental groove that allows them to keep that low-key vibe.

    Khari sings about the repetitive nature of time relative to his life, at least on the surface level. Looking past the surface, lyrics also seem to be about society and the world at large, suggesting that time goes on but nothing ever really changes. As the song builds, the lyrics make their way toward a feeling of frustration, with the line, “Tomorrow’s just another name for more today” standing out to give the song some definition. Before expanding upon that further, Khari sings, “I can’t explain”, and the tension reaches its peak.

    With that, the lyrics end on a note of meta before the instrumental groove begins: “I often stumble over time / but that doesn’t mean / I can’t just vibrate / these times won’t change”. After addressing the music directly, Contour vibrates their way toward the end of “Time”.

    Contour has a show tonight at Dunk Zone where they’ll probably play a lot of Live on Record. Contour isn’t the only reason to go to Dunk Zone tonight, either. They’ll be joined by Boyscott, Camp Howard, and their Charleston pals in Shirlie. If you want to know more about the show, check the Facebook event here.

    Listen below.

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