Contour – “Tantrum in Azure” (Video)

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    Contour – “Tantrum in Azure” (Video)
    Published: June 4, 2018

    Back in April, Contour premiered “Tantrum in Azure” on the Scene SC sampler. The song addresses a lack of genuine interactions present in our society today, with words, friendships, and relationships that are meant to be based in love are instead rooted in questionable intentions, and as Khari calls them, “disguises”. This is explored through Contour’s lens of eerie late-night music, with a groovy bass line that carries you along while Khari’s voice laments the loss of authenticity in society, asking listeners, “do you remember the time?”.

    Now there’s a music video to go along with “Tantrum in Azure”. The video was directed by John Peters (who was also involved with the “Softer” video last year) and Co-directed by Austin Butler. To me the video feels like a waking nightmare, where everyone you encounter is actually another version of yourself with a different set of motives and circumstances, and they don’t exactly get along with each other. In fact, they might just kill each other.

    Check out the “Tantrum in Azure” video below, and get ready for more late-night goodness coming from Contour soon. We have an exciting announcment to make in a little more than a month in regards to that.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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