Contour – “Outmyface(Love Suite no. 2)” // “Jewel” (Video)

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  • Contour – “Outmyface(Love Suite no. 2)” // “Jewel” (Video)
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    Contour – “Outmyface(Love Suite no. 2)” // “Jewel” (Video)
    Published: August 6, 2021

    Earlier this week, Charleston’s Contour released a trippy, dreamlike music video featuring two tracks off his recent album Love Suite, “Outmyface(Love Suite no. 2)” and “Jewel” featuring Niecy Blues. Directed by frequent collaborator John Peters, the video provides a visual representation of the themes of inner conflict and self-perception presented in the music.

    Each subsequent release from Contour shows the increased creative development of the project’s creative driver Khari Lucas. Starting with his solo electronic production circa 2016, Khari has always been drawn to deep bass lines and experimental song structures. Love Suite is crafted with this unique and experimental style, except this time it’s infused with a confidence that shows Khari is feeling good about his creative expressions, and is not afraid to make our heads spin (was he ever though?).

    Watch the video for “Outmyface(Love Suite no. 2)” and “Jewel” by Contour below.

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