Comfort Monk Releases Gratitude, Vol. 2 Compilation

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    Comfort Monk Releases Gratitude, Vol. 2 Compilation
    Published: November 6, 2020

    The Columbia podcast Comfort Monk has just released the second installment of their ongoing Gratitude compilation series, Gratitude, Vol. 2. The podcast was started earlier this year by Dear Blanca members Dylan Dickerson and Eddie Newman, and Gratitude, Vol 1 dropped in May featuring SC musicians and podcast guests covering songs by other podcast guests. Gratitude, Vol 2 features all originals from South Carolina artists.

    The compilation features many notable contributions, starting with a rather aggressive number by Columbia punk band Gl├íss, who released a notable album earlier this year called Wilting in Mauve. A few tracks later we’ve got “Dalmation Rock” by the new band Shows, which features Brett Nash of Secret Guest along with Dylan Dickerson and Marshall Brown.

    A La Mids, a new project featuring Catherine Hunsinger of Rex Darling, Emily McCollum of Stagbriar, and Cayla Fralick also make their debut on Gratitude, Vol 2 with “Too Much Good”. Speaking of Rex Darling, this compilation also serves up their debut sinigle, “Invisible Ink”. The last one I’ll mention is a jazzed up version of “Overpass” by Dear Blanca, because as you might know I’m very partial to the saxophone.

    This thing is like the Scene SC Sampler on steroids. Check it out below.

    Gratitude, Vol. II by Comfort Monk

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