Chemi$t – Chem Griffey (EP Review)

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    Chemi$t – Chem Griffey (EP Review)
    Published: June 5, 2023

    Following Mos Stef’s Behind The Mask, is another highly anticipated drop by UnHeard Ent. with Chem Griffey by Chemi$t. The 6 song EP is Chemi$t’s debut project release and has a myriad of style, flows, and unyielding lyricism that is keen to the UnHeard style and growing fan base. With a solid list of upcoming producers and mastering by Melloe Soule’s David Seward, Chem Griffey is a #GxldApproved released from the homie Chemi$t.

    Chem Griffey immediately locks you in with “Draft Day” prod by Cam Major, which is outlined by the classic Tupac hit “How Do You Want It?”. Almost giving us a foreward to his life and the ‘ISMs’ that have molded him as a man and an artist. Choppy lyrics, brushed with storytelling, and precise wordplay set the tone as Chemi$t steps to the plate.

    I was surprised in the best way by the first song “Trippin’” feat Lil Spook. Usually Chemi$t delivers his hardcore lyrical style over boom bap beats or heavily classic New York influenced instrumentals, but with “Trippin” he taps into the grime of Chicago trap and still blasts us with his relentlessly punchy style. This song serves as a warning to everybody that’s out here ‘tripping’, to keep that energy on the other side or reap the consequences. Starting off with a curveball and knocking it out of the part in true Ken Griffey style.

    Taking the tone down into the jazzy, playalistic saxophones of “Pimpin Slim”, Chemi$t teams up with Lonny Lechance over this Matt Graham production, to give a guide to ‘keeping it playa’. Introducing themes of applying and maintaining standards of excellence while keeping the ‘Casanova’ aurura alive by sticking to the wisdom of legends like Ice Berg Slim. “I learned the game from a chilly Pimp, but I’m more finesse/dont believe in slappin my h*** I just give ’em rest/and when it comes to game, you know I’m the best/no validation from a n**** I talk with my chest/and my style always immaculate/killas come crackin’ s***.”

    Chemi$t taps into the competitive drive of the art with “F****n with Me” produced by Ben Beam. Presenting a confident, lyrical exhibition drilling the point that he is an elite emcee and not to be tested lyrically. He also pays homage to the rising renaissance in Charleston hip-hop with the sounds of UnHeard Ent and the Charleston Underground.

    Chem Griffey ends with a slow motion slide across home base with “Fist Full of Rings” produced by JayceMusik. The full culmination of Chemi$t’s vision and mentality as an artist and the elements that make him. Brash honesty and ‘open letter’ type verses aid us into the end of the album as Chemi$t ‘throws a peace sign with a fist full of rings’-a gesture of successfully getting the win and fading into a life anew.

    Chemi$t showed levels of versatility to his sound, while sticking to his precise, storytelling style filled with hardcore lyricism and sometimes facetious concepts. All delivered like satin over silk, ‘smooth with no blemish’! Check out Chem Griffey and tap into Chemi$t and UnHeard Ent. for more tunes, shows, and announcements!

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