Caminator – “Need Ur Luv” (Video)

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    Caminator – “Need Ur Luv” (Video)
    Published: March 27, 2023

    Caminator’s debut EP Is This Real? was one of the most impressive releases of the year so far, so it stands to reason that the music video for one of the project’s standout tracks, “Need Ur Luv,” is equally noteworthy.

    The video was shot and directed by Persona La Ave and right away evokes a sense of being in some kind of dream. Cam is situated in a verdant, pastoral scene, standing in the middle of a field. Retro editing effects and Persona’s signature understated-yet-potent visual choices pair almost eerily well with the electro-soul mood of the song. 

    Later, Cam sings in against the backdrop of a mauve curtain. He builds up a cathedral of sound, the impact of which is all the more striking alongside Persona’s thoughtful manipulations light and color. 

    “Working on this project with Cam was one of the most pure experiences of creativity I’ve been a part of. The song speaks for itself , and we both got on the same page about the Vision of the music video almost immediately,” Persona said on an post about the video.

    Watching “Need Ur Luv” unfold on the screen, you get a sense that you’re witnessing a collaboration between two of the most innovative minds creating art in Charleston right now. 

    Check out the video for “Need Ur Luv” by Caminator below.

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