Brian K & The Parkway – Washington, DC (Rock)

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    Hey y’all!

    My name is Stephen – I’m a former SC resident and longtime drummer/producer of SC acts like Darby Wilcox and The Restoration. But as much fun as I’ve had in the midlands and upstate, I’ve never really had a project that did a lot in Charleston. I’m looking to change that with my new band Brian K & The Parkway. We play rock n’ roll influenced by greats like Tom Petty, Springsteen, and Prince, Brian is from Jersey so I hope y’all can forgive us for bringing some Jersey to the south. I promise to balance him out by saying “y’all” a lot.

    We are based in DC but are already planning to swing through the southeast twice this year, playing a show at Tin Roof on April 25th with Mirage and Colors in Corduroy, and coming through Awendaw Green in October. I’m looking forward to discovering more Charleston musicians, as I freaking love the Mobros and many of the bands they linked me up with while we were putting together the Tin Roof show. I first played with The Mobros nearly 10 years ago – crazy.

    You can check out our first single on Spotify, the full album comes out March 29th.

    If you like it give us a follow on Instagram http://www.<wbr /><wbr />briankandtheparkway and I hope I’ll meet you at Tin Roof April 25!


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    Hey Stephen, thanks so much for joining us! We really love Darby Wilcox around here. She’s performed at a number of Extra Chill events including two times at Extra Chill Fest. A friend of Darby’s is a friend of Extra Chill!

    I’m from Long Island, NY originally, so I hope everybody using this website can forgive me for that.

    Thanks for sharing your music! We also love the Mobros!

    You might dig the feature @thenewcuriouscity did on Kelly Morris recently


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    Outstanding guitar playing, and when you all reach up vocally in the chorus, that’s splendid singing.

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    Thanks so much for the kind words!! We are very excited to play this song in Charleston – the live version is pretty killer. 🙂

    We recently released a second single from the album, a duet with the vocalist/bassist of Puss N Boots (amongst other things like Grace Potter, Jack White, etc.). Her name is Cat Popper and not only is she an incredible singer, she’s also hilarious and has been so fun to work with. Here’s the link:

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