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    Working on an interview with Persona La Ave right now, in advance of the upcoming Extra Chill show at the Royal American this Saturday, April 27th, and I came across this little nugget of conversation. It won’t be in the final piece, but I wanted to post it somewhere. What better place than right here?

    Brett Nash is one of the most important musicians in the Charleston music scene. He’s been around long enough to have played in countless bands, and still hops on stage all over South Carolina and the East Coast with various acts whenever he can.

    Throughout my years of knowing Brett, he has been deservedly discovered in our music scene and ended up with a slot on guitar with Band of Horses. Even after achieving this, he is still a tireless supporter of the South Carolina music scene whenever he can.

    Brett has also been involved with a number of Extra Chill events through his band Secret Guest, and other projects. Many of us know, love, and listen to these projects.

    So, this is where we can post Brett Nash projects, shows, videos, and music.

    Here’s the quote that inspired this post: 

    PERSONA LA AVE: I remember writing a song once and thinking they like, oh, Brett Nash is going to love this song. And he did.

    CHUBES: Hell yeah.

    PERSONA LA AVE: Brett was going to play with us, but he’s busy doing one of his 100 bands. I wish there were more people like him. Like he just, he’ll go play like a stadium show with Band of Horses and then drive home to play at Royal. Like an opening slot at Royal.

    CHUBES: Yeah, he played at Royal with like Homemade Haircuts after Band of Horses played at Riverfront Park.

    PERSONA LA AVE: Yeah, he’s sick, and he still keeps it humble. Keeps his van loaded with gear at all times so he can just show up and play. He was going to play percussion because he went to school for I think percussion, maybe drums. He’s like one of the most prepared dudes. He’ll like make charts for your songs for you if you ask him to, straight up musical annotated charts that I can’t even read. He’s a bit of a genius in his own right, I would say.

    CHUBES: Yeah, I agree. And I also, I just love his ethos. You know, he’s so about the music and the grassroots and he knows that when he contributes his talents to the community, it grows and gets more tight knit and stronger. And he really believes in that and he does it. Just does it out of the, you know, love of his heart, which is just, like you said, we need more people like him.

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    Brett played the first ever show at The Royal American. I have a video of Brett naming all the bands he’s been in and it was like 2 minutes long. Also just the most humble, friendliest guy. Love you Brett.

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