Blake Ratliffe – “Out of My Mind”

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    Blake Ratliffe – “Out of My Mind”
    Published: January 23, 2023

    Blake Ratliffe dropped a new single, “Out of My Mind,” on Friday. It’s a delightful new release from the musician, whose last track was 2021’s “Diamond, Ruby & Sapphire.”

    The song feels atmospheric in a 70s/80s, new wave, movie montage sort of way, with sweeping synth, pulsating bass, and plucky drum kicks. Playful guitar trickles in as Ratliffe’s vocals shine with crisp, sun-soaked pop breeze. 

    Lyrically, “Out of My Mind” skews both dissociative and hopeful, detailing the unsettling feeling of not recognizing yourself for a moment: “So won’t you tell me / Who’s that boy in my dreams.”

    “Now, as I get older, I realize you have to be careful not to grow cold toward those dreams and visions you once had – but continue the pursuit. This song is an ode to all of our dreams and ambitions, and not letting your true self down,” Ratliffe said on an post announcing the song.

    “Out of My Mind” is both conceptually contemplative and a total treat for the ears. Stream the track below.

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