Black Dave – ‘EP 000006’

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    Black Dave – ‘EP 000006’
    Published: June 30, 2020

    This morning, Black Dave released EP 000006, the sixth release in his 2020 series of releasing a short three-track EP on the last day of every month. Every aspect of each EP was created by Black Dave himself, including the recording, production, rapping/singing, and cover art. All of the EPs released thus far have had different themes and styles to them, and it’s been cool to see Dave developing as both a producer and an emcee of the course of the year. The first track on this one, “Black Life”, also features verses from KaizĂ«r and MJX.

    He’s had plenty of practice with beat-making this year, as he’s also challenged himself to release a new beat every single day, which you can keep up with by following @blackdavebeats on Instagram.

    EP 000006 takes the style that he explored with last month’s EP 000005, which is blending together genres like hardcore and metal with hip-hop, and brings it to the next level. You can really feel the emotion behind these songs. I particularly like the last track, “Waiting So Long” because it builds and builds to a cathartic release, starting out chill, but with a mounting tension that you can feel throughout, until he comes in with a drop that sounds straight out of a metal song, and he doesn’t even really rap over it, he just sings. There’s also a Super Smash Bros sample in there, which is cool.

    Listen to EP 000006 by Black Dave below.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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