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    What up Billy slut army!!! I love each and everyone of you, and don’t you forget this. I want to share with you the books I have read so far in 2024.

    Killers of the flower moon- great book, obviously, they made it a movie, the white man really screws Native Americans every way possible

    Going Infinite- Sam Bankman-Fried, and how he was a complete dumbass nerd and stole like a little bitch

    Elon musk- very fine by Walter Isaacson about Elon musk. This updated book is thorough and gives you a great insight on how he started SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal, the boring company, and a shit ton of other stuff. Definitely a cringe weirdo but fuck he’s done some cool shit.
    And there was light

    And there was light- good old book by Jon Meacham about Abraham Lincoln. The main focus was his push for emancipation. Doesn’t go crazy in the depth about any particular thing, but it makes it a great overview slavery in America, the boiling point, the Civil War in the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. For real for real, he is the goat.

    Killing the Mob- this is your classic bullshit Bill O’Reilly book. All these series are written by Martin Dugard and he just signed his name on em. it’s entertaining, just a spaghetti fest of gangster porn

    The woman in me- this is Britney Spears auto biography. definitely entertaining, but a pretty poorly written book. She just constantly complains and blames other people for being a nut job. Some of it true.

    Friends, lovers, and the terrible big thing- this surprisingly was a great book. I’m not a i’m not a Matthew Perry, or a friends fan, but I do enjoy books about addiction and struggle. This dude was addict 101. Unlike Brittany, he blamed all his misfortunes on himself.

    In the weeds- juicy little read about the producer for Anthony Bourdain television shows no reservation and parts unknown. Greatest job on earth.

    Gambler- a real story about the greatest gambler of all time Billy Walters. Awesome listen for any sports, gambler, Golf fan. Also, another good listen about addiction and trial and tribulation.

    As I mentioned to my last post, I am currently in the middle of among the bros, a book about Charleston fraternities, and my favorite palindrome Xanax,

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