Bill Wilson Makes the Holidays Groovy with New Album Soul of Christmas

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    Bill Wilson Makes the Holidays Groovy with New Album Soul of Christmas
    Published: November 30, 2020

    Last week, the Charleston man of myths and legends Bill Wilson released a Holiday album called Soul of Christmas. The record consists of covers of your Grandma’s favorite holiday classics laced together by original grooves built upon improvisational in-studio jams. Recorded at Coast Records with an all-star cast of local musicians, Bill Wilson’s Soul of Christmas follows up on the 2018 debut Stand Up! with style and injects some much-needed fun into Christmas music, especially after the rollercoaster that has been 2020.

    In case this is your first introduction to Bill Wilson, he’s a 78 year old Charleston native who has been playing music in this city for his entire life. Stand Up! was his solo debut that came about after he became friends with executive producer Brian Compton. Compton introduced Bill to Zutell & Company and helped bring some of the songs that Bill had been sitting on for decades to life in the studio. Now it’s two years later and Soul of Christmas is just as incredible as Stand Up!, but in a different way.

    With Soul of Christmas, Wilson turns the holidays into a rollicking soul party. The whole record feels like one long live set, with smooth transitions and jams between songs. Joining Wilson in the studio were Jonathan Lovett, Jenny Lee Ford, Thomas Kenney, Aisha Kenyetta, Kanika Moore, JT Rollerson, Mike Quinn, Ross Bogan, Tony Cobin and more. With those names in the room with the remarkable Bill Wilson and Zutell behind the boards you can’t really go wrong.

    Listen to Soul of Christmas by Bill Wilson below. Learn more in the recent interview that Bill did with the Charleston City Paper.

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