Band of Horses Release New Album, Things Are Great

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    Band of Horses Release New Album, Things Are Great
    Published: March 7, 2022

    Band of Horses released their first full album in six years, Things Are Great, on Friday. The highly-anticipated 10-song project was recorded with and co-produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman.

    The first song, “Warning Signs,” sets the tone for the album and is an exemplary BOH tune, with Ben Bridwell’s voice soaring up and down. Tracks “Crutch,” “Lights,” and “In Need of Repair” were all released as singles prior to the album release. Other new songs like “Tragedy of the Commons” and “In Hard Times” are slower, with a more mysterious feel. Echos abound on this record, particularly on “Aftermath.”

    Notable lyrics from the album include lines like  “I won’t go to therapy / I won’t do anything” and “You  think I won’t leave…” Thematically referencing times of change and turmoil in Bridwell’s life. As always, the emotions conveyed will strike a chord regardless of the listener’s personal experience.

    Things Are Great delivers exactly what longtime fans of a band always hope for – the songs contain all of the elements that make the band special, but presented through a fresh perspective.

    Stream Things Are Great by Band of Horses below.

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