Baby Yaga Releases New EP SSDD (Video)

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    Baby Yaga Releases New EP SSDD (Video)
    Published: October 31, 2022

    Baby Yaga dropped a new EP, SSDD, on Sunday. The three-song project is the most recent piece of music from the band following their 2021 EP I’ll Ruin Your Life

    “When You Came,” “10,” and “Burning Alive,” the songs that make up SSDD, show Baby Yaga’s grunge meets angsty pop sound at its most raw and honest. The guitar alternates between fuzzy and piercing, and singer Presley Randall’s vocals are soft at times, intense with rage at others.

    “You were my angel in a sweater / And a devil in bed,” she sings in “When You Came.” “10,” which the band paired with a delightfully witchy music video, recalls the experience of being ghosted.

    Some of the lyrics are particularly wrenching, like ““Is there a way to end my life / That wouldn’t hurt so bad for my family,” on “Burning Alive.”

    The intensity of pace, sound, and emotion remains high through all three tracks, and listening feels cathartic. 

    SSDD was recorded with Wolfgang Zimmerman at The Space. Stream the EP below, and watch the video for “10” below that.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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