Baby Yaga Releases New EP, I’ll Ruin Your Life

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    Baby Yaga Releases New EP, I’ll Ruin Your Life
    Published: October 18, 2021

    Baby Yaga released a new EP, I’ll Ruin Your Life, on Friday. It’s a two-song project that shows the band continuing to pay homage to a 90s garage sound but with more raucous punk energy than their previous releases.

    Thematically, I’ll Ruin Your Life details the disenchantment that occurs as you move further into adulthood. The EP opens on “Dog House” with singer Presley Randall saying “oh fuck, I got confused by everything,” and that sets the tone for both tracks. 

    “Dog House” deals with the feeling of hanxiety — that spiraling, regretful fear that occurs after a night of too much partying that leads you to overthink everything you’ve said or done the night before, or ever. 

    “Black Hole” describes the trials of how your internal struggles manifest themselves externally as you interact with others. “If you let me kiss you / I’ll ruin your life,” Randall sings, and “I’ve been kind of disillusioned since I moved out of the suburbs into other suburbs.” Lyrics also recount wanting to find reassurance from you parents and wondering where it all goes.

    While both songs deal with heavy concepts, they are conveyed with a lighthearted spirit and are the kind of tracks you can’t wait to hear live.

    Stream I’ll Ruin Your Life by Baby Yaga below. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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