Babe Club to Open for Liz Cooper & the Stampede at the Pour House

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    Babe Club to Open for Liz Cooper & the Stampede at the Pour House
    Published: January 11, 2019

    Nashville’s Liz Cooper & the Stampede are set to return to Charleston for the third time on Tuesday, February 19th, when they’ll headline the Pour House with just-announced local opener, Babe Club. Liz Cooper & the Stampede on their own would have been a must-see, and now that Babe Club’s on the bill you’d be insane to skip this one.

    The debut full-length album from Liz Cooper & the Stampede, Window Flowers, was released in August, and it was one of my most played albums of 2018. Their show at the Charleston Music Confab in September was a highlight of that weekend, and in my opinion they outplayed Houndmouth, who was the main event that night.

    If you aren’t familiar with Babe Club, it’s a fairly new local project started by former SUSTO members Jenna Desmond and Corey Campbell. Their debut single “Hate Myself” was released in October, which was around the same time they announced their departure from SUSTO. They also did a live session with Relix where they played an unreleased song “Need A Girl”. That live session was released earlier this week, and you can find it at the bottom of this article.

    Tickets to Liz Cooper & the Stampede with Babe Club at the Pour House are only $12 and are available via the Facebook event here. Find below some music from both artists.

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