Babe Club Release Debut EP, Remember This Feeling

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    Babe Club Release Debut EP, Remember This Feeling
    Published: November 6, 2020

    Today, Babe Club release their long-awaited debut EP, Remember This Feeling. This has been one of Extra Chill’s most anticipated local releases ever since we first heard of its existence. It was recorded last year at Big Trouble Recoding in Atlanta, where the band worked with co-producer Dan Gleason of Grouplove and engineer T.J. Elias. Word on the street is that Babe Club has also been working on a full-length album, but let’s just enjoy this EP for now.

    Remember This Feeling is a quest for self-discovery, exploring life and relationships through the eyes of frontwoman and songwriter Jenna Desmond, in collaboration with her partner and former fellow SUSTO member Corey Campbell. Babe Club isn’t afraid to get personal, as we first heard with debut single “Hate Myself”, and we’re hearing more of on Remember This Feeling.

    I’ve already discussed “Need A Girl” and how I think it’s a hit for many of the same reasons that “Hate Myself” is a hit. It’s honest songwriting and it says things that others may be afraid to talk about, and the whole EP is filled with that kind of stuff. Plus, it’s got a badass vibe that is angsty yet hopeful and empowering at the same time.

    Listen to the debut EP, Remember This Feeling from Babe Club below.

    Remember This Feeling by Babe Club

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