Babe Club – “Olivia” (Video)

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    Babe Club – “Olivia” (Video)
    Published: October 24, 2022

    Babe Club released a music video for their newest track, “Olivia,” on Friday. It’s a lush and buoyant visual accompaniment that captures the happy-nostalgic energy of the song

    “Olivia” is laden with images of sunny days, and the video shows Jenna Desmond bouncing around and dancing through the places of memory: the beach, a carnival, a swimming pool. 

    A sense of playfulness exudes from every frame, and the details of Desmond’s wardrobe sparkle with whimsy: a shimmery blue leotard, a tie dye shirt, long black gloves dramatically juxtaposed against a white dress. 

    At one point Desmond screams on a rollercoaster, at another, she strokes a python slung around her shoulders. There are also meta moments: behind-the-scenes snippets of the video being filmed are interspersed with the shots.

    The “Olivia” music video, which was directed by Jaqc Justice, is just as much fun as the song itself. Watch it below, and don’t forget to swing by the Charleston Pour House on Thursday, October 27th to catch Babe Club live supporting Liz Cooper.

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