Babe Club – “Need a Girl” (Video)

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    Babe Club – “Need a Girl” (Video)
    Published: August 21, 2020

    Babe Club has just released their newest single, “Need a Girl”, off their upcoming debut EP Remember This Feeling. The single was released along with a music video, which premiered yesterday over at Sad Girl Collective. As of this morning the track is available on all streaming platforms.

    The first time I heard Babe Club play “Need A Girl” was at a house show back in February of 2019, which feels like a different universe at this point. I was immediately struck by the badass message of female empowerment presented by the song, as well as the way that Jenna segued into it by talking about how she wants to make some more female friends. I will take the liberty of quoting myself here from a Babe Club concert review I wrote last year: “I’m calling it now: that song is a hit. If I’m wrong I’ll buy you a beer.”

    Since that time, Babe Club has further embraced the message of lady power presented by “Need A Girl”, as seen in their promotional photos and just the overall vibe of the band and their social media presence. They’ve also added another female member to the band, MEG HA of Beware of Dog productions and many many more creative projects. I would even go as far as saying that “Need a Girl” is not only a hit, but it’s also going to become the quintessential Babe Club song, replacing the OG single “Hate Myself” as the song that they’re known for before long.

    Alright, I think that’s enough gushing about Babe Club for one day. You should just watch this video and then add the song to some Spotify playlists so that it can get the streams that it deserves (and so I won’t have to buy everybody beers). In the meantime I’m gonna try to figure out how to Join Babe Club.

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