B-Sides Marquee: Avi Jacob Covers “Hard Drugs” by SUSTO

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    B-Sides Marquee: Avi Jacob Covers “Hard Drugs” by SUSTO
    Published: April 24, 2018

    By now I’m sure most of you are familiar with B-Side Sessions. In case you aren’t, though; B-Side Sessions is a Charleston-based project started by local videographer and music advocate Taylor Hickman. Taylor links up with local bands and artists for intimate performances at a variety of locations, from recording studios to thrift stores, and even some outdoor spaces. He’s put out some really great stuff so far, and from what I’ve gathered this is only the beginning.

    The video we have for you today is part of the new B-Sides Marquee Series, where local artists play their favorite songs from other local artists. Extra Chill has partnered with B-Side Sessions to bring you an early viewing of each video in the new series as they’re released. Get ready for an influx of local artists covering other local artists, right here on Extra Chill.

    The first video in the B-Sides Marquee Series features local folk singer-songwriter Avi Jacob covering “Hard Drugs” by SUSTO. “Hard Drugs” is the second track on SUSTO’s 2017 album & I’m Fine Today, and is a favorite for listeners both in Charleston and well beyond.

    “I could tell from the first time I heard this song how honest it is,” Avi says. “We should always want the best for the people we love, whether they leave us or we leave them. You can’t only love people for what they give you. You have to love them for who they are”.

    Watch Avi Jacob covering “Hard Drugs” by SUSTO below.

    If you dig Avi’s cover of “Hard Drugs”, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s more where that came from. In addition to being fresh off the release of his new Surrender EP, there’s also another video from the same B-Side Session that was released a few weeks back via Charleston Scene. Check out the full Surrender EP below, and see his B-Side Sessions performance of the EP’s lead single “Pickup Truck” here.

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