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    Welcome to our online home for Independent Artists at Extra Chill!

    Creating Your Space: As an artist, you’re invited to establish your own thread here, serving as your personal space to share content and updates with the community. Please format your topic title as “Artist Name – City (Genre)” to maintain clarity and consistency.

    Single Thread Rule: To keep our forum tidy, please refrain from creating multiple topics for the same artist or band. Consolidate all your updates, announcements, and discussions under one umbrella thread. This helps in staying organized and makes it easier for fans and fellow artists to follow your journey.

    Engaging with the Community: You’ll find that engaging in discussions beyond just promoting your own music can significantly increase your reach and impact. Participate in conversations, provide feedback to others, and share your experiences and knowledge. This engagement will not only enrich the community but also elevate your profile within it.

    We’re thrilled to have you here and look forward to your contributions. Let’s make Extra Chill a vibrant hub for independent talent!

    If you just want to post one time and not create an independent artist space for yourself, go to our New Releases thread instead.

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