Anfernee – “Paragon” (Video)

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    Anfernee – “Paragon” (Video)
    Published: April 25, 2022

    Hip-hop artist Anfernee released a music video for his new single, “Paragon”, last week. It’s dark and gritty, matching the mood of the track itself. 

    The video begins by showing the login process to some sort of covert computer program. Anfernee is being held hostage, tied up in a chair, sometimes with a trash bag over his head, sometimes uncovered. “Drop the mixtape blow up for the summer,” he begins to rap. 

    There is an ominous tone and a sense of foreboding to both the sound of “Paragon” and the video. At some points, Anfernee is in a bathtub filled with what looks like blood, and at others he is opening some kind of box and occasionally stabbing into it with a knife. Lines like “Got the picture perfect now / I had to get my level up / I Targeted my haters / Red dot em like a 7 Up” showcase Anfernee’s rapping skill. 

    “Paragon” furthers Anfernee’s status as an artist to take seriously. Stream the video below. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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