Amethyst in SC – “Straight to the Bank” (Jah Jr., Khemo, R Dotta, PATx, Big Ghini)

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    Amethyst in SC – “Straight to the Bank” (Jah Jr., Khemo, R Dotta, PATx, Big Ghini)
    Published: June 5, 2020

    Last year, the South Carolina hip-hop scene came together to create a collaborative album as part of a project called Amethyst in SC. The recording sessions were invite only and took place in December, and included a wide range of SC hip-hop artists both big and small, and within all different nuances and genre specifications. It represents a large and iconic coming together in a scene that has been criticized for not branching out and collaborating enough.

    The album has yet to be announced for release, though back in April the album was streamed live in a two-part session. The first single, “Nothing”, was released on May 23rd and unfortunately slipped through the cracks at Extra Chill. The second single, “Straight to the Bank” was released today, and features contribution from Jah Jr., Khemo, R Dotta, PATx, and Big Ghini.

    Listen to “Straight to the Bank” from the Amethyst in SC project below. Follow the project on Instagram for more information and to stay in the loop on the full project’s release @amethystinsc.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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