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    38+ Songs About Coffee
    Published: April 9, 2023

    As you might imagine, the team at Extra Chill is absolutely fueled by coffee. The same can be said about many musicians, and other creative people. Thus there have been many songs about coffee made over the years, in all different genres of music.

    That’s why today we’ve decided to venture down the caffeinated rabbit hole and gather as many songs about coffee as we can find. We’ve placed them all together on a list in order of release date.

    Enjoy below, and let us know if there are any good ones that we’ve missed!

    1. The Ink Spots – “Java Jive” (1940)

    2. Frank Sinatra – “The Coffee Song” (1946)

    3. Sarah Vaughan – “Black Coffee” (1949)

    “Black Coffee” is a jazz standard originally written by Sonny Burke and Paul Francis Webster in 1949. The song has been recorded by countless artists over the years, but the first to chart with it was Sarah Vaughan in 1949.

    Also see great versions by Peggy Lee (1953) and Ella Fitzgerald (1960).

    4. Muddy Waters – “Iodine In My Coffee” (1952)

    5. Bob Marley & The Wailers – “One Cup of Coffee” (1962)

    This early Bob Marley song is a cover of a country ballad by Claude Gray titled “I’ll Just Have a Cup of Coffee (Before I Go)”. Marley’s version changes the original lyrics, transforming it into a song about unrequited love.

    Also see our list of the best Bob Marley songs.

    6. Mississippi John Hurt – “Coffee Blues” (1964)

    Fun fact – as you’ll hear in the lyrics, “Coffee Blues” is one of the first paid product placements in music of all time, as the song directly mentions Maxwell House Coffee. It is also the song that inspired the 60s rock band The Lovin’ Spoonful, as Hurt uses the phrase in the lyrics.

    7. Lightnin’ Hopkins – “Coffee House Blues” (1965)

    8. Johnny Cash – “Cup of Coffee” (1965)

    “Cup of Coffee” is quite a silly song by Johnny Cash standards, and thus it was never included on any of his official studio albums. It was eventually released as part of the compilation Everybody Loves A Nut.

    Also check out our analysis of Cash’s famous song “Ring of Fire”.

    9. Otis Redding – “Cigarettes and Coffee” (1966)

    10. Cream – “The Coffee Song” (1966)

    11. Galt MacDermot – “Coffee Cold” (1968)

    12. Guy Clark – “Instant Coffee Blues” (1975)

    13. Bob Dylan – “One More Cup of Coffee” (1976)

    This song was inspired by a painting that Dylan saw in a museum, which depicted a scene from the Welsh legend of Rhys and Llewellyn. The painting featured a woman pouring coffee for a group of men, and Dylan later said that the image stuck with him and inspired him to write the song.

    14. Francis Bebey – “The Coffee Cola Song” (1982)

    15. Squeeze – “Black Coffee in Bed” (1982)

    16. Prince – “Starfish and Coffee” (1987)

    17. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Coffee Shop” (1995)

    This lesser-known RHCP song comes from their 1995 album One Hot Minute.

    Also see our list of the best Red Hot Chili Peppers songs.

    18. Mike + The Mechanics – “Another Cup of Coffee” (1995)

    19. Garbage – “Cup of Coffee” (1995)

    20. Blur – “Coffee and TV” (1999)

    The video follows a carton of milk as it goes on a quest to find its missing person, who is revealed to be the lead singer of the band, Damon Albarn. The video was directed by Garth Jennings, who later went on to direct the movie The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    21. Supersister – “Coffee” (2000)

    22. Sarah Harmer – “Coffee Stain” (2000)

    23. Copeland – “Coffee” (2003)

    24. Aesop Rock – “Coffee” (2007)

    This alternative hip-hop track by the legend Aesop Rock features John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats.

    25. Yung Joc – “Coffee Shop” (2007)

    26. Natalie Cole – “Coffee Time” (2008)

    “Coffee Time” is a cover of a 1940s song by composer Harry Warren and lyricist Arthur Freed. The song was initially written for the film Yolanda and the Thief (1945) but gained popularity as a jazz standard over the years.

    27. The Tragically Hip – “Coffee Girl” (2009)

    28. Psychostick – “Caffeine” (2009)

    29. Caught a Ghost – “No Sugar In My Coffee” (2013)

    30. Sylvan Esso – “Coffee” (2014)

    This song features a beat that was created using a coffee mug. The duo recorded themselves tapping on the mug and then manipulated the sound to create the beat that’s heard in the song.

    31. Miguel – “Coffee” (2015)

    32. Ralph’s World – “The Coffee Song” (2015)

    33. MEDASIN – “Coffee” feat. Masego (2016)

    34. Amber Coffman – “No Coffee” (2017)

    35. beabadoobee – “Coffee” (2017)

    This indie-pop song was later sampled by Powfu for his viral hit “death bed (coffee for your head)” in 2020.

    36. Jack Potts – “The Coffee Song” (2018)

    37. Brother Oliver – “Coffee and a Cigarette” (2019)

    Brother Oliver hail from Extra Chill’s home state of South Carolina, and have been featured on the site extensively over the years.

    38. Chevy & Nalba – “Morning Coffee” (2020)

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