Where is Charleston Hip Hop Headed?

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    Yo it’s doj. I wanna hear some opinions on the direction of the local hip hop scene. Also, Any advice?

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    Hey man thanks for joining!

    I think the local hip-hop scene overall is trending in a positive direction. It is way more visible now than it was just a few years ago. Venues that never booked hip-hop are doing it now on a regular basis.

    Advice-wise, just generally speaking. I’ve talked to the boys in Rhodium about this, and Kaizer. I think a lot of local hip-hop artists could benefit greatly by being more calculated about the moves they make.

    For example, instead of making as much noise as possible about each individual release, I think it is better to have each release, show, and everything you do be just one piece of an ever-evolving puzzle.

    If you have a solid song, use it as a vehicle for promoting your career, and start a chain reaction. The song can be the driving force behind getting people to show up at your concert, and you can use it to roll the momentum forward after the show to release a music video, which you promote for several weeks with a series of photos or stills from the video.

    I see a lot of spontaneity in the hip-hop community, which I really think has a lot of value in its own way. But looking for sustainable growth, and creating an overarching story that surrounds yourself as an artist, is the way to truly make an impact.

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    Truth.  The more calculated and intentional the hiphop community moves here in Charleston, the more we get closer to being able to function like Atlanta, Texas, New York, and even Florida. They have made their underground circuits the premiere mix in these areas , and have come together to turn them into funnels for artists to really pop out of the city. There’s so much unconscious segregation in charleston hip hop, but i slowly see it starting to shift. Things like Cultura coming back in to the yearly circuit of hip hop festivals, has definitely added to that sauce. Hip hop is everywhere in Charleston now, from DT to Summerville, its receiving engagement like never before. However, we have to keep it special and not oversaturate the system with it-this is where that intention plays its part

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    I think the local hip-hop community is doing an amazing job of being a community, displaying perseverance, and unity, and innovation. It seems like a lot of other artists are concerned with the business side of things – or the bottom line being a huge factor in decisions they make – and rightfully so, but the primary objective – or priority – of the hip hop community right now seems to be putting on the best show possible, regardless of the money.. And I think that’s pretty dope.

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