Wadaness – Denver, CO (Vaporwave, Lofi)

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    artwork by magnus
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    My personal favorite album of 2024 thus far (shoutout Vicarious Life by the apology club though)…

    Self-described as genreless but I’ll throw a few words out to help paint the picture of this vaporwave, lo-fi, indie rock soundscape. As Wadaness reaches out into the horizon with vocal coated questions, he pulls in nothing but more questions and faded fuzzy guitarwork. Listening to this album feels like night driving though classic y2k vaporwave projections of digital sunsets beyond coded mountaintops. Fetch your shades and rocket powered car and drive off to the moon with Wadaness’ third studio album, The Breeze.

    Favorite Track: “At The Bottom”

    Stream on Spotify below:

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