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    Part of what I do around here is interviewing musicians. In the spirit of the Extra Chill Community being a place to learn about the music industry, I thought it might be interesting to share the process behind an interview coming to light.

    So, I’m going to share here my notes for the interviews I do, along with a link to read the article. Perhaps some people might find value in the notes that form the foundation for an interview.

    My most recent one was an interview with Ryan Stasik of Umphrey’s McGee, Doom Flamingo, and Death Kings, about Death Kings. They’re playing an Extra Chill Presents show at Charleston Pour House on March 1st.

    Anyway, I just published the interview this morning. Here are my notes from before we talked. I also have the full transcript but I don’t think anyone wants to see a giant wall of text.

    Here is the article: https://extrachill.com/2024/02/ryan-stasik-death-kings-interview

    Death Kings

    Ryan “Little King” Stasik – bass, vocals – Umphreys McGee, Doom Flamingo

    Uncle Mike “Muerto” Gantzer – guitar, lead vox – Aqueous

    Mikey “Ox” Carubba – Turkuaz


    Formed during the pandemic, self-titled debut dropped about 2 years ago on Valentine’s Day (2022). Still feels pretty fresh – you have lots of other stuff going on.

    Have played probably about a dozen (more) shows so far? A few times at the Windjammer last year, a few UM afterparties, and then a Pour House show on a Tuesday night September 2023

    Want to tell the story of the band, how did the three of y’all meet and get the idea to collaborate?

    Recording the self-titled debut – where done, writing process

    To me it sounds like y’all had a blast recording it. Blowing off steam caused by the pandemic? I know there is some heavier influence in UM, Aqueous, in general

    What’s in mind for the future? Have you been writing any more for this project?

    Anything else you want to mention?


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