Night 1 of Loser Fest

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Back to Charleston, SC

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  • Night 1 of Loser Fest
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    Some of Charleston’s most tried and true hip hop artists and fans, were live and in full effect at The Royal American for Loser Chris’ Human Ashtray release party.  Featured on the line up were: Damn Skippy, Appollo Valdez, Slim SOUL, GeechieLord, Dj DollaMenu, Dj Moldy Brain, and myself. Pip The Pansy got up and did a sick flute solo on a Dj Moldybrain mix that rocked the crowd. Though this was a celebration of Chris’ continued contribution to Charleston hip hop, he created a mukbang of sonic influences that represent all sides of Charleston music.  The night was filled with DJ Flip cranking the tunes, fellow artists showing support, and yet another display of community support for local artists.

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    Dude hell yeah! Loser Fest looked like an awesome time from what I saw on Instagram. Bummed I was out of town this weekend and couldn’t make it!

    How was the second night?

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    A little late in getting this posted here, but if folks are interested in checking it out, here’s (link below) a visual recap of LoserFest, both nights. Was a super double-show, with so many talented artists. Some of my local favorites and some new faces and sounds too. Moldybrain and Kubby’s set was an unexpected highlight. The crowd was, as usual, super cool too. people don’t often mention the attendees, but these artists attract a culture of fun and camaraderie that makes being there… or being the photographer, especially enjoyable.

    Thanks to all the people who I bumped into or moved around to allow me to get ‘the shot’, I noticed and appreciate you!

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