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    Cosmo Pyke was one of the most talented artists I saw at SXSW this year. He’s from the UK and had success with the Just Cosmo EP and the single that followed, “Chronic Sunshine,” but hasn’t released much since then.

    With a couple new singles out and a recent SXSW showcase, I think we’ll be hearing more about him over the next year or so. I’ve become a big fan of his sound. It reminds me of King Krule, who was super popular back when I was in college. The difference is a more soulful, groovy sound that is really cool.

    In the live setting, Cosmo had a full band that was dope. The vibe was really mixed, with some of the soulful sounds you’ll hear on many of his recordings, but also some more dissonant indie rock type stuff that was very reminiscent of Bright Eyes to my ears, and even some rapping.

    I think he’s got it all and he’s going to probably become an indie icon over the next few years. He’s got the name, the look, and the sound. And he pulls it off even better in the live setting. It’s another example of the genre-less direction I can see the music industry is heading in right now.

    “Low” (2024)

    “Outlaw” (2024)

    This is the one that reminds me of Bright Eyes. So damn good.

    And then the EP that blew up:

    Just Cosmo (2017)


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    Wow Cosmo Pyke really is awesome, thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to read your full SXSW review.

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    His new EP came out last week and I’ve been listening to it a bunch. I stand by what I said, this dude is going to blow up. Just wait for the full-length album in about 1-2 years… Also an independent artist. Full send on this guy from me.

    On tour in Europe selling out shows… only a matter of time

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    Yasssssss!!!! I love Cosmo Pyke. He’s got a really soft, mellow, comforting funk going on. And what a voice!

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