Band of Horses at the Ryman – 2/14 – 2/15/24

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    These Band of Horses shows with She Returns From War at the Ryman in Nashville seemed pretty cool from what I saw on people’s Instagram stories (shout out @betweenthesoundmachine ).

    Specifically, She Returns From War coming out during “Neon Moon” looked like a real hoot. But I’m sure the rest was great.

    Band of Horses are awesome and that’s before they had Brett Nash. With Brett in the band they’ve become one of my favorites in the soft/medium indie rock category.

    I thought it was really cool that the other guys from the band came to hang out at Royal American when Brett played a show there after BoH’s set at that country music festival I can’t even remember the name of this past fall…

    The Ryman seems like such a cool spot, and I really dig that Live at the Ryman record they put out recently.

    Anyone got a source on a tape? I dug up one video on Youtube of “The Funeral.” And it’s rad.

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