Community Info

This page is your portal to learning everything you ever wanted to know about the Extra Chill Community. It contains all the basics, with links to unveil more information about a particular piece of the puzzle.

Ad-Free Blog Content

Not only do you gain access to the community forums, you also gain access to the custom Extra Chill Articles forum which allows an ad-free reading and engagement experience that syncs with content published on the main blog.

Rank System

The rank system is based on points, which are based on your total posts, followers upvotes on your posts, and comments on the main blog. As you gain points, you get colder, and your rank increases.

Learn more about the Rank System.


Followers in the Extra Chill Community are similar to the classic social media concept, except they are made to be useful. When you follow a user, their posts are added to your Following Feed, so you can keep up with their posts. This is especially useful if there is an artist you like who participates in the Community, because you get a direct feed of their content.


Upvoting in the Extra Chill Community is a concept borrowed from Reddit, a platform that our founder has frequented for over a decade. This system helps the most popular content stand out from the crowd.

Seamless Connection

When you log in to your Community account, it grants you access to the social features on Extra Chill. This means you can then upvote your favorite posts on the main blog, and leave comments with your Community account. Everything connects back to your Community account, creating a comprehensive digital platform.

Artist & Industry Professional Status

Request verification in your User Dashboard to add a badge to your forum profile that shows that you’re an artist or music industry professional. This verification also adds a specialized section to your profile that allows you to showcase your work.

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