Wolf Mask – “dreaming // falling”

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    Wolf Mask – “dreaming // falling”
    Published: March 6, 2023

    Wolf Mask, the latest project from multi-talented Ross Bogan (Doom Flamingo, Lureto), released a new single, “dreaming // falling,” on Friday. The track was recorded with Wolfgang Zimmerman and mixed by Coast Records.

    “dreaming // falling” features the same driving beat that appears on other Wolf Mask songs, but it’s less guitar-lead and not quite as uptempo. Instead, it leans into a synth-heavy groove. 

    The track often feels floaty, the way your thoughts begin to drift as you grow close to sleep, and mysterious: Bogan’s vocals are hazy, and background vocalist Eliza Novella provides a touch of ethereality. 

    There’s a slight edge in the song, made evident in lyrics that span from the reassuring “Everything’s going fine / The timing’s right” to the more anxiety-inducing  “You can’t hide / It’s all waiting for you right there.” It’s uncanny; the kind of thing you can’t quite put your finger on.

    Toward the end of the track, a bold electric guitar solo zooms across the soundscape, furthering the sensation of entering a sort of sci-fi dream world. 

    Collaborators on “dreaming // falling” include Thomas Kenney (guitar), Ron Wiltrout (drums), Corey Stephens (bass), and, as mentioned, Novella on backing vocals. Marshall Hudson created the psychedelic cover art. 

    As with all of Wolf Mask’s recent releases, there’s also an instrumental version, allowing your own imagination to build against the backdrop of the instrumentation.

    “dreaming // falling” makes us even more excited about Wolf Mask’s upcoming show at the Pour House on Friday, March 10th with Kairos Creature Club. Grab tickets for the chance to experience Wolf Mask live in all of its psychedelic glory.

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