Slim S.O.U.L – “LO$TD” feat. MoonKatDaddi

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    Slim S.O.U.L – “LO$TD” feat. MoonKatDaddi
    Published: June 8, 2023

    Slim S.O.U.L, who is creator and director of Soul Power Productions, has been a mainstay in the Charleston music scene over the past several years, bringing a fresh perspective to the hip-hop genre and introducing it to new audiences in the city of Charleston. He’s released several singles and projects over the years by himself and is one of Charleston’s most notable names in hip-hop.

    With his new single,”LO$TD” (which is an acronym for “‘Lot Of Shit To Do”) featuring musician and vocalist, MoonKatDaddi, Slim shows yet another example of his status as a staple in the city through this conduit we call ‘hip-hop’.

    “LO$TD” is a raw and honest reflection of Slim S.O.U.L’s life and experiences as a pinnacle in the Charleston hip-hop community in many facets. Beyond running his non-profit (Soul Power Productions), Slim S.O.U.L is an artist, educator, activist, sound engineer, producer and event curator. So the title “Lot of Shit to Do” is beyond fitting for one of the most consistent and hard working creatives in this era of Charleston hip-hop.

    Featuring the multi-talented MoonKatDaddi and his smooth vocals, only adds to the appeal of the song, creating a dynamic and captivating collaboration between the two artists. Both artists stayed in the pockets of their smooth, lyrical styles, and ‘poked their chests out’ over the jazz-infused breakbeats of this Juno Beats production.

    While giving a shout out to one of Charleston’s premiere, screen-print, graphic artists, Wes (eyelandgraphics), Slim S.O.U.L cruises through and let’s the people know that he’s running a smooth locomotive in a lane that he created:

    “I hit up Wes / he keep me well-dressed / got the Merch that I’m cravin’ / I don’t ever get stressed / I just do my best / you that I’m patient / I got my own station / whose f****n lane did you pave in? / wait man, I’m just swervin’ / ballin like a merman / I don’t practice, all my new s**come from A.I. / that’s a mentality / actually come and battle me / then they see and explain why”.

    Following Slim’s verse and the melodic chant of the ‘lot of s*** to do’ chorus-MoonKatDaddi, and his J.Cole-esque flow, drives the song out with high energy, slick delivery, and a flavorful cadence. One of my favorite bars is: “…if you ask me how I’m feelin ima tell ya free/last of a dying breed, it’s a genocide/ya know I hate to see my real people die/let go of the hurt and swallow my pride/empty out the darkness that I try to hide/but you won’t see me cry/eyes red like Kano/poured an O into my pain and I played it on pi-Anos”

    Overall, “LO$TD” is a testament to Slim S.O.U.L’s talent and his #GxldApproved influence in the world of Charleston rap music. He is a true visionary, and his music is a reflection of his passion and dedication to the genre.

    Check out “LO$TD” feat MoonKatDaddi below and peep Slim S.O.U.L’s catalog and upcoming performances around the city!

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