Premiere: Argot – “Literally Everyone”

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    Premiere: Argot – “Literally Everyone”
    Published: June 2, 2022

    Cover design by Sara Black.

    Argot are set to release their new EP, I Miss Everyone, next Friday, June 10th. The four-track album was written and recorded during the pandemic, and is the first album release from the band since 2019’s Oh? EP.

    This morning we’re happy to offer an exclusive preview of I Miss Everyone with the premiere of the first song on the EP, “Literally Everyone.”

    “This song’s a little on the nose,” explains singer and guitarist John Brooker. “We missed seeing everyone during the pandemic of course, but this is also about missing everyone – our friends of yesteryear, people we’ve lost, people who have changed, our own past selves – literally, everyone… That’s what this bubbly track is trying to get across.”

    “Literally Everyone” converses directly with the title of the EP, placing emphasis on the ones that you miss. Couple that with the spaceman cover art, and you’re getting the bigger picture on the band’s main idea with the upcoming EP.

    “This EP is meant to transport the listener,” Brooker continues, “whether astride the lolling back of a riverboat casino, the peaks and valleys of an emotional storm, or cruising the empty void of space we hope this is something listeners can dig into and enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it.”

    Argot recorded the EP at The Space in downtown Charleston, as well as in their home recording studios. They made use of their two years away from the stage to polish the songs on I Miss Everyone, incorporating tones and elements not heard on their previous releases, including keys, banjo, organ, strings, and even some vocal harmonies from Molly Smith.

    Last August, Argot released a live session featuring “Riverboat,” the second track on the album, a song about finding freedom on a riverboat gambling cruise.

    Listen to “Literally Everyone” by Argot below. Catch the album release show on June 10th at Lofi Brewing, where Argot will be joined by Mantra and Quinn Cicala. Tickets here.

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