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    Pardon the Interruption
    Published: June 5, 2020

    We’ve spent the past week taking stock of ourselves and considering what our role is in all this revolution stuff. Police brutality and the oppression of people of color in America reach far past politics and into the field of human decency, which is where Extra Chill has always seen itself. We mentioned this briefly on our Instagram earlier this week, but we wanted to elaborate now that we’ve had some more time to think.

    Since we live in and thrive off the culture of Charleston, South Carolina, a city that was built on a foundation of white supremacy and the exploitation of black people and disregard for their humanity, it is our duty as a voice within the Charleston community to use our platform to bring about positive change and do our part in making South Carolina a better place for black people and other marginalized peoples to live, with more opportunities to thrive and to feel the love that they deserve to feel every day. 

    We have come to understand that it is not enough for Extra Chill to be non-racist, we must be fully and completely anti-racist, and we must actively seek to amplify black voices in the South Carolina music community. In lieu of a grand gesture we give you our promise. We are making the internal adjustments necessary in order for Extra Chill to properly do its part in the ongoing fight against systemic racism, white supremacy, and police brutality in South Carolina.

    While we’ve been over here dealing with our little identity crisis, we’ve missed a whole week’s worth of badass music by black musicians who deserve to have their voices amplified. We are going to get to work now, but we love all of you, and if you are out there on the front lines at the protests we encourage you to please be safe and protect yourself. We want everybody to be there when it’s time to party again! 


    Extra Chill

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