Official Endorsement: Chris Gardner for Best Charlestonian

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    Official Endorsement: Chris Gardner for Best Charlestonian
    Published: February 21, 2023

    Chris Gardner for Best Charlestonian. Graphic by Aaron Utterback @ron_route

    Every year, the Charleston City Paper hosts the Best of Charleston awards, with hundreds of categories to vote for the best local everything. It’s an exciting time of year for many local businesses and people, as these awards have become quite popular, and offer a source of legitimacy and prestige to the winner.

    That time of year has rolled around again, and the finalists for each category have recently been announced. Final voting is now live and open until March 8th.

    The most coveted category of them all is Best Charlestonian. This award represents Charleston’s favorite local personality. It has gone to Bill Murray for many years in a row now, but this year, things are different. One of our very own, Chris Gardner, is nominated for the category, and he’s in the running to win it all.

    You may know Chris Gardner from our Instagram, but it’s even more likely that you know him from just being around town. He’s one of the friendliest, most open-minded and supportive people you will ever meet, and he’s always down for a good time.

    If you’ve met Chris Gardner, it’s an easy choice to vote for him. If you haven’t met Chris Gardner, all you have to do is go see live music in Charleston and you are almost guaranteed to see him there, having the time of his life and spreading the love. Simply introduce yourself and he’ll be happy to talk to you.

    To Vote Chris Gardner for Best Charlestonian

    There are many categories, so finding the Best Charlestonian category to vote for Chris Gardner may seem tricky, but we’ve outlined some simple steps to make it as easy as possible.

    1. Go to

    2. Sign in to your account, or create a new one

    3. Tap Chris Gardner

    4. Tap “Vote”

    There you go! You’ve officially participated in one of the greatest things that Charleston has experienced in recent memory.

    To Vote in Other City Paper Best of Charleston Categories

    It has occurred to me that you may also be interested in voting in other categories for the 2023 Best of Charleston awards. The categories are split up into nine different groups.

    To see all nine groups, go to From there, you can sign into your account and navigate through to see the nominations for each category, and vote using the steps outlined above.

    Groups include: Attractions and City Living, Culture, Arts, and Entertainment, Drinking, Eating, Health and Beauty, Politics, News, and the Media, Recreation and Outdoors, Services, and Shops.

    Note that you can find the Best Charlestonian category and vote for Chris Gardner under the Politics, News, and the Media group.

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