Majic Dust – “The Winner” / “Ride”

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    Majic Dust – “The Winner” / “Ride”
    Published: June 8, 2023

    Last week, Charleston rock band Majic Dust released the two-single combo of “The Winner” and “Ride”. The two singles pave the way for a summer of shows and more new material that is soon to follow. Majic Dust will celebrate the single release this Saturday night, June 10 at The Royal American alongside Klang!!! and Gods.

    Majic Dust are bringing pure rock back to the Charleston music scene. I can’t help but be reminded of Full Moon Fever-era Tom Petty when listening to these — notably in Rob Hampton’s vocal delivery and the thick guitar tones (JR Spencer, Hampton) that lead the way. Seeing them live it’s no-bullshit, the whole band can and will shred, and it will certainly be loud.

    According to Hampton, “The Winner” is “a snapshot of living on the edge of a life of bets. The moment when that balance of life teeters perilously between fortune and heartbreak.”

    “Ride” is my personal favorite of the two as it seems to have more forward momentum to it, as well as tapping into a certain nostalgia for classic rock. Hampton explains that the song is made up of three parts: “escape, peace and the unknown that this world throws upon you.” He says “it’s a call to the road and the mystery of what lies ahead.”

    He mentions that the song also “harkens back to the great road songs of America’s past, while also being very aware of the current state of the American dream and the tragedy that can befall any of us in a blink of an eye.”

    Listen to “The Winner” and “Ride” by Majic Dust below, and catch them at the Royal American this Saturday night.

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