Lö Indigo – “Consequences”

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    Lö Indigo – “Consequences”
    Published: September 18, 2023

    This summer has witnessed a surge of prolific releases in the alternative hip-hop genre, and Lö Indigo’s track “Consequences” is a noteworthy addition to the list. “Consequences” brandishes a blend of dark wave and dream pop, infused with a subtle twist of gothic rock.

    After doing a brief roulette with Lö Indigo’s catalog, I found this mix of waves to be a reoccurring theme in his sound, but he delivers a different, experimental style and approach each time.

    Lö Indigo’s looming vocals and blending syllabic rhyme structure enhances the track’s energetic essence, complementing the haunting electric guitar melodies and the rhythmic allure of looping hi-hat patterns.

    In “Consequences,” Lö Indigo delves into the profound theme of actions and their repercussions. The song confronts the aftermath and implications that arise once everything is said and done, irrespective of whether those actions were deemed right or wrong.

    Through introspective lyrics, Lö Indigo shares his personal thoughts and processes, offering listeners a #GxlaApproved peek into his own journey of grappling with consequences.

    Tap in to Lö Indigo and his new #GxldApproved single “Consequences”. Get ready to head bang, catch a vibe, and relate to the in’s and out’s of the sound that is Lö Indigo.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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