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    listen, I’m not here to ‘Diddy bash’-but the homie is in a crappy situation. Slowly searing away like holding a lit cigarette to a piece of paper. The burn is active, and ashes are imminent for Sean Combs.

    With the new information being unveiled about Diddy, a lot of things that were once confusing about the East/West beef of the 90’s are seeming to unfold a bit. I feel it is time for a lil discussion about the Tupac/Biggie/Puffy debacle of the 90’s. So publically, the beef with Pac and (Bad Boy) started based on regional differences, an alleged affair with Pac and Faith Evans, and issues with Diddy and Death Row. This ultimately led to the deaths of both Tupac and Biggie.

    I loosely believe…

    Tupac didn’t like Diddy. Pac was educating Biggie about how to obtain his intellectual properties from Bad Boy and how to run as an independent artist. When Biggie began to question Diddy about these things by leveraging himself as the breadwinner of Bad Boy. Diddy showed his true colors and also showed Biggie that he owned everything released under Bad Boy, down to the name. This created the divide between PAC and BiG-and calculated Misunderstandings turned it into a beef, that led to Tupac being shot 5 times at quad studios which turned the beef between them into a real live E vs W war. Diddy, in cahoots with Suge Knight, plotted to kill Tupac. Post-Tupac, Biggie had an awakening. He knew what was up with Diddy and where he was trying to take the BRAND of BIG. Biggie tried to redefine himself and take heed to the game Pac was putting on him about his publishing and masters and ownership. Making Puff put money and trust into other Bad Boy artists, but none were quite Biggie. Upon Biggies return and upcoming release, he made demands of Diddy in exchange for exposing his madness. Which ultimately led to his demise, covered under the guise of East coast west coast beef playing out. He recently attempted to shift this by giving back the publishing to Bad Boy artist in 2023. Now this looks like him trying to ‘cop a plea’ to save his name from the upcoming onslaught of drama that his now active on 2024.

    and this is just ONE of the situations I think he had a direct had in due to his ‘ways’.

    This is where I stop. Lol. what do you guys Β think about what’s going on?

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