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    artwork by magnus
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    Just wanted to share what will likely be my EP of the year for 2024…

    i will be pretty when i die
    i will be pretty when i die’s self-titled debut – released 2/2/24
    Gustavo Nome (Gingerbee and MATPM) and Clementine Teare (Goth Lipstick) join forces to create the boygenius of the DIY emo folk underground. The lead single “leaves” is my most listened to song of all time. Sounds from this EP range from gorgeous violins, whispers and screams from near and far, and acoustic guitars recorded outside of a 7/11. Another song I’ll draw attention to is the delicate “cicadas,” which meanders between soft-intimate songwriting and muted screams from the background. It’s a choice many would stray away from but it pays off in spades here to create a tumultuous sense of emotion. It’s an impressive range of feelings and sounds to display in just under 16 minutes.

    Support them on bandcamp here:


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