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    Comfort Monk – ‘Gratitude Volume One’
    Published: May 22, 2020

    Comfort Monk is a relatively new South Carolina podcast that popped up in Columbia earlier this year and right away started bringing on some seriously impressive ands interesting musical guests, including Tommy Stinson of The Replacements in their first damn episode, and many more big names in the punk, indie, and rock world just a few short months. The podcast was started by Dylan Dickerson and Eddie Newman of the long-running Columbia band Dear Blanca, and has naturally been curated according to their tastes.

    While the podcast itself is deserving of a news story, the real interesting part of today is the release of a 15-track compilation album featuring musicians playing covers of songs initially written and released by the guests that have been part of the Comfort Monk podcast thus far. Artists to contribute to the compilation include both South Carolina musicians, but also several guests of the podcast who have chosen to cover other podcast guests (Mike Watt of Minutemen/Stooges, Eric Slick of Dr. Dog, Ray Barbee, Peter Alvanos of Elf Power). This whole story is just a big win in general for South Carolina music.

    The compilation is called Gratitude Volume One, and it includes a treasure trove of interesting covers. Kudos to Comfort Monk for coming up with this idea and bringing it to life so quickly and consistently, with a ton of great content.

    Full tracklisting of Gratitude Volume One can be found below. Listen below that. Dear Blanca covering The Replacements is exactly what you need. And there’s a lot more.

    1. Ray Barbee, Rachel Ann Rainwater, Chuck Treece – Taking Away The Fire (Dos)
    2. Dear Blanca – Unsatisfied (The Replacements)
    3. Marshall Brown – Evergreen (Eric Slick)
    4. King Vulture – Solid Gold (Fanny)
    5. Eric Slick – Coffee (Sylvan Esso)
    6. Guitar Test – Surgery (Elf Power)
    7. Mike Watt + The Secondmen – Fully Pursuaded (Ray Barbee)
    8. B-side – O My Soul (Big Star)
    9. Numbtongue – Harvest (Vundabar)
    10. Elonzo Wesley – Cry, Cry (Grant-Lee Phillips)
    11. E. Newman – Honeybird (Andras)
    12. Fabulous Bird – Can’t Hardly Wait (The Replacements)
    13. Soggy Origami – It’s All Up To You (Black Flag)
    14. Secret Guest – History Lesson/Big Lounge Scene/History Lesson–Part II (Minutemen)
    15. Jerome – Jonah (Wussy)
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