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    Extra Chill Team
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    If you’re an artist and you’re new here, this is where you can introduce yourself to the Community and tell us about yourself. I encourage you to include as much information as you want including videos, Spotify links, pictures.

    Whatever you want people to know about you when you first join this Community, this is where it goes.

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    American Fried Rice (AFR) is an indie (somewhat) band consisting of two California teenagers. We’re a little rough around the edges right now, but every song of ours is a skeleton of a concept that, one day down the line, will be improved and perfected to become successful music. We distribute through Tunecore, so we’re on several services, including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.





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    What’s poppin Extrachill, this is jtrawwww some of y’all may or may not know me by my other Alias “sensei.” Im just stopping by introducing myself not too good with introductions. I dropped a project last month “Sensei Hendrix act 2” and it’s been in allot of people’s rotation and still constantly growing, I appreciate indie for giving a review on the album as well. I’m just trying to keep the ball rolling from here. Y’all can find that album  the rest of my music on all streaming platforms etc . Just trype in “Jtrawwww” (4 W’s) have a chill rest of the day .

    Mister Morning
    homemade pop.
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    Hey folks,

    I’m Mister Morning, a lofi/indie pop solo project based in Lexington, SC. My self-produced debut album comes out on all platforms 2/29/2024! If you don’t want to wait there are some singles out right now! Check it out if you wanna 🙂

    Lang Owen
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    Lang Owen here – I write songs about something that seems like nothing but feels like everything. I’m based in Columbia, SC and write straight out of the 1970s singer-songwriter tradition, employing poetic lyrics to express the challenges and possibilities of the current day, often viewed through the perspective of individual’s imagined interior lives. My third album, Cosmic Checkout Lane, is about seeking out and living our wisdom at any moment, including standing in a grocery store checkout line. Cosmic Checkout Lane comes out April 12, 2024 – it’s my second collaboration with musician/producer Todd Mathis.

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    W’zup people! This is P!lot – an indie pop / rock project local to Charleston, SC. I moved here from Brooklyn, NY in 2019 and have performed as a 4 piece band as well as solo. The music, I’ve been told, sounds like She & Him, Bats for Lashes, Regina Spektor — it’s upbeat, quirky and melodic. I’m also a member of SIS – a women’s singer-songwriter support group. Here’s a Spotfy link where you can listen. I’ll be releasing new material throughout 2024 from my album “Fake Hangover”.


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    The name is Andrew J.D.  Psychedelic Rapper.

    I am probably destined to be an outsider artist because I have a staunch desire to stay as non-profit as possible, as non-involved with press/promo/imagery/interviews as possible while still eventually going onto tour as much as possible.  Right now I’m in the middle of my 4th album of which is a magnum opus undertaking which condenses literally thousands of freestyles and beats into one refined work.  It is taking years to create and there are still years to go.

    You can check out some of my music from my 3rd album on

    And all my music is on Mastodon if curious at and

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    Schiz The Gaffer
    Emerging Alt. Hip-Hop artist in Rock Hill, SC
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    I’m Schiz The Gaffer, an emerging alt/indie hip-hop artist based in Rock Hill, SC. I just recently moved to the area from Alabama, where I had found many other underground artists in a community surrounding a venue called The Alter in Piedmont AL, and I am looking to find community similar to that. I’m hoping to network and collaborate with other artists and bands in the genres of alt rock, indie rock, alt hip-hop, and underground rap.

    I’ve been told that my style is unique, a nice blend of hip-hop geared deliveries influenced by alt rock.

    @schizthegaffer on all social media.


    Looking forward to connecting with the local community.

    1/4 of the
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    Yo, I go by JxShamar! I’m a newer act but I recently dropped a project and think it would be dope if you guys checked me out! There’s a bunch of different flows by myself but the beats were fully masterminded by Kj Wol. We are both based out of Charleston, SC and are a part of a collective of rappers, singers, and creatives known as 4AM. Below, I linked my newest project, but check my distro for my previous drops and more of the guys’ work as well!




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    Yo! I’m Sammy Newk. I am a multimedia artist currently based in Boston but, Charleston is still a place I consider to be home. I have played over 100 local gigs on the Peninsula between Warehouse, P. Buffalo, Uptown, Share House & Trio over the last two years. I produce/play mainly house/techno but, trap & wubz will always have a special place in my heart too. My most recent single “So Deep” just dropped Friday on Mija’s Never B Alone indie label. It’s a super chill deep/tropical house track that I hope is a pleasant segue into another stellar summer! I was blessed to share the moment of the release from legendary vocalist GG Magree’s green room before she ripped up a punk venue in Brooklyn following our label relaunch party last Wednesday. If you’re still here & don’t know me yet, thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me. If you’re still here and you do know me, I’m pretty stoked too hahaha! Thank’s for reading! -Newk

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